A New Chapter… Finally

In hindsight, I should’ve started this blog the day Max was born.

He’s now almost six months old (!!!) and so much has happened in such a short space of time. My little baby boy (OK 9lbs 6oz isn’t that little), who made us wait and wait and wait for his arrival (12 days late to be precise), is all of a sudden eating solids and pottering around in a walker!!

Time has literally flown by and I’m scared I’ll blink, he’ll be starting school and I’ll have forgotten every little thing he did when he was young. So, this blog will be my attempt to immortalise those memories, for me, for Max and for anyone else that wants to know.

I’ve never written a blog before. In fact, I’ve never really written anything before, bar a few essays at school and uni, and they were definitely nothing special. But hopefully this will be different. This is more like talking, and for those of you that know me, talking is definitely more my forte.

So here we go… Wish me luck and brace yourselves for A LOT of Max spam.




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